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That's usually how it goes, right? On the first day of rehearsal, a new acting course, in pairs or in groups. I grew up in that environment and trained to act at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Anna Scher, and went to Italia Conti Academy before the introvert kicked in and I realised I live for the pen & ink. Or celtex and keyboard. Since then I've never looked back, and I'm so very grateful that I've been able to see my work on various stages and pages. I have had very varied experience in a lotta pies: in event management, copywriting, articles and features for various platforms and magazines, social media for a theatre company, and playwriting for various projects. I also assistant direct various places they allow me to, as well as direct my own stuff at such places as the Vault Festival, and with Actor Awareness Night with Spotlight Studios. So to put it directly i'mma pen, brain and actor- trained-director for hire. Oh and a spot of lecturing in Creative Writing and dramaturgy, too. I play piano and a mean Fur Elise. So yeah - my Name's Jess and I like Labradoodles.

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Jessica Bailey

Creative Type

Welcome to my website. I am a freelance writer, playwright, director and sometime lecturer. I mainly work in theatre but anything creative is the type of thing I want to be involved in. I have written on many platforms, and on many stages. Two truths and a lie. I have met and interviewed Paul McCartney, I have danced onstage at Sadler's Wells and I once had to review the best absinthe spots in London, any way they served it. In one night. Give me the chance to say something - and I'll say it: loud - even if it's through other people or on the page. Neurodivergent, she/her. Let's talk.

*disclaimer: all true. I've lived a busy life.

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'It May Never Happen'

An experimental film made in conjunction with the Albany Theatre and Foreign Body Films for an online virtual exhibition along with five other films titled 'Visions As Our Exile' from Dec-Jan 2021. Paired with filmaker and director Matty Mancy-Jones and and actress artist Jacqueline Lipman we made an 'uncompromising but deeply human film about mental health' - Greenwich Visitior

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Electric Shock at the Pandemic In The City Festival, 2021

July 10th-11th 2021 Theatre Deli Broadgate

Hold on to your spectacles, Electric Shock is coming. What if the world committed fully to its flirting/sexting with technology and it became part of everything we do. Electric Shock dares to dream like electric sheep. Join us to step into a near future where you're either an early adapter or late victim. Smile for the camera. Details in 'upcoming events' below.

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"Fantastic! This was very innovative, smart and highly relevant. Great, quirky characters who blended well. Loved the use of mics and humour created through this technique. Loved the feminism."

Audience Member for Tamasha Theatre Company's Scratch Night on the theme  of 'Community' and my piece 'Venus Flytrap' about a female catfish completing a dubious social experiment in the name of science. Performed at Rich Mix, London 2014

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Olives and Chips: The Ultimate Pairing. A Vocal Media Top Story

August 31st, 2023

You know how it is: it's 1am and you feel possessed to write lovingly and with passion about olives. Kalamata, Queen, Pitted, Stone (not that kind) and you think also about what would go with it: the chip! aha! And a childhood memory resurfaces, just like that.

And for some reason the kind, strang people at Vocal people made it a top story for August! 🫒

Read it here ⬇️

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